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Radar Detector Mount

centermirror-hs01--wateropt 800 copy

A simple method for mounting a radar dector up high where it can pick up far & away signals.  This is a Valentine One, and while we they are the only brand we have used for the past fifteen years, this method will work for any dectector that came with a visor mount with a metal clip.

Our Valentine One came with a visor clip that looks like this:


The metal clamp was removed and modified before reinstalling it to the plastic holder.

  1. Cut or grind the last part of the tab that bends up (the red part in the picture);
  2. Put the radius bend into a vice and slowly squeeze it down (the green part; some trial & error will be needed to make it fit nicely and go slow, being careful not to overdo it and snap the brittle metal).
  3. File/smooth out the new edge and put some tape on it (to protect whatever it touches, I like racers tape—electrical tape gets the job done but often will slide off and leave a sticky residue behind);
  4. Remove the two inner sunvisor clips (no need to remove all four. If you're snaking a power wire, it'll be three);
  5. Pull the headliner down just a tiny bit;
  6. Slide it in;
  7. Snake in some power wires (the fuse panel is in the passenger’s foot well so going down the passenger side a-pillar may be preferred);
  8. Button it up.

This project should take 20-60 minutes but add some time to snake the power wires to the fuse panel

The Valentine One will not fit above the factory rearview but fits nicely above the HethelSport Interior Centre Mirror.  Or you can just install the V1 to the side of the factory mirror.

centermirror-hs02--wateropt 800centermirror-hs04--wateropt 800

The original version of this article appeared on LotusTalk and was written by the founder of HethelSport.

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