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What is Prepreg Carbon?

HethelSport 221016-25 Long-Scoops Prepreg  webcover

Prepreg carbon is the ultimate in carbon fiber construction. In short, this process uses carbon fiber fabric that is pre-impregnated with uncured resin. The matt is then placed in an enclosed mold, vacuum bagged & sealed, heated in an autoclave oven, and cured.

This method uses the last amount of resin which keeps the final product very light while the carbon fabric is allowed to retaining it’s strength.

While the end product can be either matte finish or glossy, all of HethelSport's prepreg carbon products are glossy and includes a UV clearcoat for protection against the sun & light.

This process is requires very specialized equipment and our fabricators have invested heavily in this technolodgy. This process also allows the most repeatable & uniform pieces so both quality and strength improves significantly.

Here’s a Youtube resource that explains prepreg in a bit more depth:

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