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How do I lower my Evora?


For most applications, we believe the Lotus Evora should remain close to the factory ride height. While many people assume a car with a lower center of gravity handles better, this is simply not the case. The suspension system, including the swing of the a-arms, their relationship to the suspension pickup points, and other dynamic elements are all part of the suspension geometry. In chassis engineering terms, lowering a car specifically alters the “roll center” and when the car is aggressively lowered, the roll center point falls below the driving surface plane, creating a car that is, at best, ill handling, and at worst, dangerous.

That being said, our HS Bilstein/Öhlins shocks and our Öhlins TTX shocks all allow height adjustments via threaded lower spring perches. To understand why we provide this height adjustment, please see What is Corner Balancing?

For those that want to change their ride height for aesthetic reasons, our shocks can do that too. The threaded lower spring perches have about a four-inch overall adjustment which for most Evoras, will be greater than the physical limits between the tire and bodywork. Additional drop can also be achieved with shorter springs which may also necessitate stiffer spring rates. While this change does require the removal of the shocks, we can provide any standard length race spring with increased or decreased stiffness. With any change in ride height, please check the suspension and driveline for safety and compatibility.

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