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Road Course Front Track-rods

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for Evora • S • 400 • GT cars

We love our beautiful Road Course Rear Toe-links but our supplier did not offer matching Front Track-rods (a.k.a. tie-rods). After a couple chats, they came back with a prototype and now we have these beauties!

Track-rods connect the steering rack to the front left & right wheel hubs, and they have one primary function: To articulate between the fixed steering rack and the moving front suspension  while maintaining a precise length.

To maintain this rigidity, our track-rods are machined with the same high quality 7075 aerospace grade aluminum alloy as Rear Toe-links. Nitrile boots protect the high quality bearings. 

The rod-end bearings are made with high tensile, plated steel bodies and fitted with aerospace Teflon liners. Our track-rod supplier has been using similar spec’d bearings on Lotus chassis since 2011 with over 5000 units shipped and they have never seen one fail.

The geometry is similar to the factory tie-rods and we have not experienced any bump-steer with these installed.

Installation is a straight-forward remove-&-replace procedure however this is a critical component and as with all critical systems, we recommend the work to be performed & maintained by a certified mechanic familiar with Lotus suspensions. The installation of this part will also require a front wheel alignment (although best-practices recommend doing both the front & rear at the same time).

These track-rods have been successfully used on street & track driven Evoras all over Europe but due to the litigious nature of the U.S., the manufacture has asked that we state these are for use on racing circuits only.

Functionally and beautifully built to match our Rear Toe-links. Purchase both and we’ll refund half the total associated shipping costs (please email to remind us of your refund).

As the only U.S authorized dealer, we import these directly from the manufacture in England and in-stock links will be shipped directly from us in California.

Evora Road Course Front Track-rod Kit

Shipping charges are for continental U.S. destinations only;
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• Combined orders may qualify for reduced shipping; requests must be made prior to ordering;
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